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    Planning, Capacity Building, Fundraising to help organizations build a better future.

We Are PJL Associates

PJL Associates is a management consulting firm that provides our clients with expertise in the areas of planning, capacity building, and fundraising. We engage in a variety of planning initiatives, such as strategic planning and fundraising plans. We help organizations build capacity through organizational analysis, board development, executive recruiting and coaching. We cover all aspects of fundraising including major gifts, capital campaigns, annual fund development, special events, and grant writing.


PJL Associates is committed to helping organizations plan for the future by developing strategies that cater to their needs.  We believe strongly that organizations should have a strategic plan, not one that has been sitting on the shelf but that is updated regularly.  Once a strategic plan is completed, then other plans, such as fundraising plans, can easily flow.

Capacity Building

Capacity building strengthens an organization’s ability to deliver on its mission over time. PJL Associates works with you to build your capacity and sustain your organization through changing times and new challenges. Strong, well-managed organizations make a genuine difference in their communities because they continually engage in self-assessment, improving when necessary their governance and leadership, operations, programs, and/or resource development. It is no coincidence that these organizations typically succeed in fundraising.


Once an organization has developed its plans and built its capacity, the exciting work of fundraising can begin. PJL has decades of experience in helping organizations raise funds, whether it is through major gifts, capital campaigns, annual funds, events or grant writing.

Meet Our Team
PJ Layng

President and Founder

Larry Rosensweig

Senior Project Manager

Sara Johns Griffen

Senior Project Manager

Katie Deits

Senior Consultant

Jeff Vanier

Senior Operations and Project Manager

Sheriann Namer

Senior Consultant